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Know Us Better

What makes our school unique

Why SRM?

SRM offers youngsters in kindergarten through sixth grade a unique educational approach that builds the foundation for a lifetime of continuous learning. Rather than simply providing an atmosphere of education, SRM creates an environment for education based on the following principles:

* Both the academic and psychological needs of a child must be nurtured if total and continuous learning is to take place.

* The best learning environment is one that encourages cooperation rather than individual competition.

* All children are gifted and are entitled to be treated accordingly.

* Since parents are the primary teachers of their children, it is only through the cooperative efforts of both home and school that children can receive the best education possible.

The many benefits of our school include:

* Bigger class size leading to better teacher- student ratio

* Looping (same teacher, same students for 2 years)

* Flexible grouping

Our Philosophy

Education at SRM focuses on the holistic development of the students.


The curriculum constitutes diverse activities resulting in a well-balanced program encompassing all the three dimensions of education – the academics, co-curricular activities and sports.

Key to Success

Undoubtedly, SRM students will grow up to become inspiring individuals, the nation and the world would be proud of.